Deep cleans and general rubbish removal

At Saving Time, we specialise in deep cleaning and rubbish removal for residents suffering from hoarding syndrome.

Hoarding is a psychiatric condition—people who have a compulsion to collect unnecessary or worthless objects and the inability to discard them. In some instances, hoarding may lead to the person or family living in squalor. Squalor is a term used to describe an environment that is cluttered, filthy and unclean due to neglect. This can pose serious health, mental and safety risks both for the home occupier and their neighbours.

Saving Time cleaners work with the client to remove rubbish and waste that’s no longer required. We pride ourselves on making people feel at ease, while we help them get back on their feet. We thoroughly clean the premises inside and out to ensure that the home can be lived in. Our cleaners work with clients, so they have total control and can manage their clean-up with as little stress as possible.

Items that are in good condition are taken to charity organisations. Maintenance systems are put in place enabling the client to function after completion. Contact Saving Time for more information.