High reach cleaning and vacuuming

At Saving Time, we are also high reach cleaning specialists. Our cleaners provide safe, effective and environment-friendly cleaning services for high and difficult to reach exterior and interior areas.

We service domestic, commercial and industrial buildings with:

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High reach gutter cleaning

We safely and effectively remove leaves and debris from gutters, valleys, downpipes and drains.

The benefits of cleaning your entire roof’s drainage system are:

Solar panel cleaning

Clean and polish your solar panels to ensure you are enjoying maximum solar energy efficiency.

Research indicates that dirty solar panels can reduce energy generation by up to 5%, which is significant when solar panels are only 15–20% efficient to start.

Let us help you keep your energy costs under control, call us today.

Window and exterior high reach cleaning

We effectively clean windows and exterior surfaces and fittings in commercial and residential buildings up to 7 storeys high.

Our high-pressure cleaning services removes dirt, stains, mould and grime without the excess use of chemicals. Talk to us today about a clean to make sure your building stands out.

Concrete and driveway cleaning

Our team cleans dirt, mould and stains from concrete, driveways, paths and patios.

We can clean large surfaces quickly and vacuum away the excess waste. Talk to us about your concrete surface cleaning needs.

Timber deck restoration

We use quality environmentally friendly cleaning and sealing products to revitalise and protect your timber deck. Our team has extensive experience in cleaning, preparing and preserving timber decks, protecting from mould, twisting, warping and cracking.

We will restore your timber deck to last for many years to come, contact us today.

Interior high reach vacuum

Removal of droppings, dust, cobwebs and debris from internal roof spaces and ventilation systems, particularly in factories, sheds and warehouses.

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